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We have Over 27 years of experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers to assert their legal rights via consumer law. We do it every day!


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We guarantee honesty and dependability, virtues which most people seem to have forgotten. Credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn’t do yourself, but we can help you to achieve results in a fraction of the time without making costly errors. Thank you for your time and God Bless. 

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Introducing Rapid Recovery Credit, where we provide top-class credit repair services delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses overcome credit challenges and achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

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Rapid Recovery Credit takes pride in our team of board-trained and certified consultants who possess the expertise to handle a wide range of credit situations. With comprehensive training and certifications, our consultants are equipped to tackle even the most complex credit challenges. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and credit laws to provide accurate and effective solutions. Whether it’s dealing with late payments, collections, bankruptcies, or identity theft, our consultants have the knowledge and skills to navigate through various credit scenarios. Rest assured, our experienced professionals are dedicated to guiding you towards optimal credit health.

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Years Experience

With over 25 years of experience in the credit repair business, Rapid Recovery Credit brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to help you achieve your financial goals..

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Successful entrepreneurs

We also have created over 250 successful entrepreneurs in this industry!


We help clients solve complex problems

Rapid Recovery Credit is uniquely positioned to solve complex credit problems through a combination of our extensive knowledge of consumer law, cutting-edge AI technology, and adherence to Metro 2 compliance procedures. Our expertise in consumer law allows us to navigate intricate credit situations while ensuring compliance and protecting your rights. By leveraging AI technology, we streamline and enhance our credit repair process, utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning for efficient and effective solutions. Additionally, our strict adherence to Metro 2 compliance procedures ensures that the credit information we report is accurate and up-to-date, maximizing the chances of successful credit repair outcomes. With this comprehensive approach, we provide the expertise and tools necessary to help you overcome complex credit challenges and achieve your financial goals.

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